Progress Report #1

Hi everyone, Tyler here!

We have some huge news for you about the progress of Endeavor One. As many of you know, over the weekend we had the home delivered to our property and it turned out absolutely incredible! Along with the home being delivered, we also got to work developing the property and preparing to have the home installed. I wanted to take a moment today to share some of the progress with you all.




Developing raw land into a parcel that is fully equipped with utilities like electric, water and sewage is quite the process. First we had to dig through the solid rock deep enough to run the utility lines and that required the help from some heavy machinery including an excavator and skid steer loader. Following all the county requirements, we carefully dug the trenches and prepared the area for our electricians and plumbers to come do their thing!



From there we were then able to call in the professionals to start laying in the piping an conduit that will bring the utility lines to their final destination at the back of Endeavor One. We were very lucky to have such beautiful days on both Thursday and Friday as we worked.



Once the utility lines were placed, we called in the county inspector so he could sign off on the work and ensure that it is all up to spec.

Once we got that approval, we were able to begin backfilling the trenches with sand. The reason that sand is used first is to make sure that none of the large rocks you see in the photos above are going to settle on top of the piping and cause leaks or punctures in any of the lines. Filling with sand was one of the most back breaking parts of this process as we had to shovel it all into the trenches by hand to make sure it was evenly dispersed and that the lines were staying where they need to as we filled.

After the sand layer, we then add a layer of foam insulation which is designed to help provide a frost barrier in the winter ensuring that none of the water lines freeze or rupture as temperatures plummet below freezing.



We needed to order in some custom parts to get any further, so we were forced to call it quits for the weekend. We will be continuing to work on and finish the rest of that process within the next 2 weeks. Once all the lines are finished and buried, we can then level the lot with 1/2 inch gravel and begin preparations for the final home installation.

After the home is placed, we will begin constructing our deck which will be the finishing touch to the outdoors living space and will provide beautiful Lake Superior views and plenty of space for outdoor seating and dining!



This is the reason we are funding on Indiegogo! Land development like this is very costly as professional craftsmen & women are needed to ensure the highest quality work and reliable results for our renters.

If you would like to support our efforts while also getting HUGE discounts on your stay at Endeavor One, please visit our Indiegogo page here and back our campaign with the perk of your choice! Any contribution helps and we are so grateful for your support! :)




We could not be happier with how beautifully Endeavor One turned out. From the hand burned, Shou Sugi Ban siding to the expansive windows and USB outlets, everything turned out exactly as planned. Here are some photos of the interior of Endeavor One. Keep in mind, these images were taken just after delivery and the home was sitting on a access road on the bottom of the bluff, not on our lot.






The challenge we faced with the arrival of the home was how to get it up the steep access road to our lot. Endeavor One is 14 feet tall and 30 feet long which forced us to trim many of the branches leading into our property to ensure nothing on the home would be damaged as we towed it up the hill. The photo below really shows the scale how large our home really is while being towed by an excavator.



Luckily, we were able to tow the 12,000 pound tiny house up the hill with no major issues and it is now safe and sound in a storage area on our lot awaiting it's final placement on our leveled home site in just a couple weeks.

I was very excited to have the chance to stay in the home on Friday night! Even though there was no electricity, water or septic available for use, it was such a pleasant stay! The stars were incredible all night long, but my favorite part was, without a doubt, the stunning sun rise that I saw on Saturday morning. I snapped this pic at about 5:15am from the lofted bedroom window of Endeavor One.



Does it get any better than that? :) Thank you all so much for your support as we move forward with this project. The finish line is very near and we CANNOT WAIT to start hosting this beautiful home!



All the best,


Tyler Thompson

Founder & Director