Progress Report #2

Hey everyone!

First and foremost, I want to remind you that we only have 6 days left for our Indiegogo Campaign. If you would like to save up to 50% on your stay at Endeavor One, now is the time to purchase your favorite perk package and get your stay pre-reserved! If you would like to see our current availability, click here!

Things are getting pretty exciting right now as we have made some of the biggest headway yet over the last couple of weeks. As many of you may have already seen, we have gotten all of our underground utilities more or less completed and have Endeavor One placed on the property. FINALLY! :)

From here things will really be moving fast. We look to have our deck built over the next 7 to 10 days. The deck will be professionally constructed and will flow very organically with the landscape of the lot - adding another dimension of living space to enjoy.

While we work on the deck, we will also be finishing the decoration and furnishing of the tiny home. Mattresses, linens, cookwares and more will be arriving this weekend and the home should be completely furnished on the inside by the end of next weekend! We cannot wait to share all the photos with you as things progress along.

We also are happy to announce some partnerships with fantastic local brands like Sota Clothing, Lakes & Legends Brewing Company and SK Coffee Roasters. Sota Clothing has partnered with us to help with interior decor for Endeavor One, so expect to see some familiar artwork, cups and towels around the home when you stay. SK Coffee Roasting will be donating their incredible local roasts as well which means you'll have access to delicious, locally roasted coffee during your visit to the north for FREE! 


Plenty more progress photos to show within the next 10 days, so keep a look out for that! Thank you all so much for your support as we near completion on Endeavor One. It's hard to put into words how grateful we are for all of you!




Tyler Thompson

Founder - Endeavor Tiny House Retreats