About Endeavor Tiny House Retreats

The Endeavor One Tiny House is now officially closed permanently. New local laws have been implemented which effectively ban the rental of alternative housing options like tiny homes, container homes, tree houses and more. Endeavor One was included in this ban and we have now closed our doors to rental for good.

We hope to someday soon continue our mission to create unique and affordable accommodations for travelers on the North Shore, but for now, we are closed.

The Founder.

Endeavor was Founded by 25 year old small business owner & graphic designer, Tyler Thompson. Though he grew up in the Twin Cities, Tyler always loved the outdoors and had an extra special appreciation for Minnesota's North Shore.

His experiences on the Shore began as a small child camping, hiking & exploring with his family and continued with annual ski trips to Lutsen Mountains. As he developed his career in the Cities, Tyler knew that his true passion was with the towering white pines and crashing waves on the North Shore. When the time came, he decided to take the leap and launch Endeavor Tiny House Retreats in the Spring of 2018.

In addition to the spending time in the great outdoors, Tyler loves visiting local breweries, playing golf, skiing and spending time with his friends and family.



The Concept.

Endeavor Tiny House Retreats is designed to create the perfect north shore getaway by combining the secluded and intimate feel of camping in a State Park with the creature comforts of a modern cabin. By minimizing the distraction of a huge cabin or packed hotel and promoting exploration and conversation, Endeavor hopes to help reconnect people with the beauty and simplicity of nature and each other.

The world is very loud and even more complicated. It's incredible what a simple weekend in the woods can do to help cut out the noise and put the big picture in perspective.


The Future.

With the launch of Endeavor One, and the overwhelming positive response from local travelers of all ages, the Endeavor team has taken the first step towards their long term goal of creating a network of tiny homes all over the midwest. With plans to launch 2 more units within the next 18 months, Endeavor aims to target the most immersive and naturally beautiful areas of Minnesota and surrounding states to place their unique rentals.

Have a suggestions for a future location?? Reach out here and nominate your go-to adventure spot!


Endeavor One Before & After