Legal Disclaimer

By purchasing or booking any stay at Endeavor One, you automatically acknowledge and agree to this legal disclaimer that removes all liability for any bodily harm endured by any guest during their stay with Endeavor Tiny House Retreats from Endeavor Tiny House Retreats and it's owner(s) or staff people. Endeavor Tiny House Retreats will not be held accountable for any injury or mishap that occurs during any stay at Endeavor Tiny House Retreats. These terms are specifically mentioned because our home is placed in a natural environment where there are dangers and hazards. Please use caution when walking inside and outside of the tiny house. Due to the home's size, there are slightly lower ceilings and slightly more narrow stairways, etc than a normal sized house. These features can pose hazardous for tripping, falls, bumping your head and other injuries. We recommend that you use extreme caution when moving around the home and outdoor space to avoid any injury. Endeavor Tiny House Retreats is not liable in any way for any injuries or any sort of bodily harm that any renter either adult or child endures during or because of their stay at Endeavor One or any Endeavor Tiny House Retreats property. Endeavor Tiny House Retreats, it's staff and owners are not liable for any bodily harm or injury endured due to and during a stay at Endeavor One or any other Endeavor Tiny House Retreats property. Some examples of things that Endeavor Tiny House Retreats will NOT be held liable for include, but are not limited to: bug bites, wild animal encounters or bites, falls, slips, trips, accidents, burns, food poisoning, bumps, bruises, broken bones, car accidents, heat stroke, heat exhaustion, diseases from bugs or animals or any other sort of bodily harm. Please read the guest book in it's entirety when first entering Endeavor One to educate yourself on the local laws, house rules and other tips that will help you avoid any issues or mishaps during your stay that could result in bodily harm.