In order to make Endeavor One a reality, we asked you for help! Our Indiegogo crowd funding campaign launched in April of 2018 and we were able to successfully raise over $7,000 in start-up funding! This funding allowed us to invest in the development of our property and the furnishings for the interior of the home. Without the support of these awesome folks, Endeavor One wouldn't have been able to get started and finished so quickly! :)
Vanessa Houliston
Spencer Mader
Kendall Harstad
Sarah Hammad
Ali Haugen
Stephanie Herington
Jolie Ritchie
Cheryl Thompson
Mitch Holthaus
Bob Greenberg
Karisa Land
Mollie Dabill
Kevin Mossing
Kyle Becker
John Jacobson
Cheri Richardson
Linda Ulrich
Stephanie Guzman
Alexa Concetta
Rod Johnson
Lavonne Christensen
Michael Rutten
Whitney Sannes
Bailey Oja
Jimmy Russell
Beth Walser
Kayla Morrissey
Jeff Snegosky
Ranada Polite
Amanda Blomgren
Dahna Jacobson
Catherine Pham
Callie Heimsness
Laura Reed
William Hanson
Erin Warner
Katie Churchill
Jordan Stang
Holly Reed
Eric Thompson
Jesse Anderson
Emily Elmer
Becca Jorgensen
Darby Voeks
Allison Joy Neuhaus
Steffany Shoup
Jodi Annis
Cassandra Klopfleisch
Brooke Weishair
Joshua Kellner
Jane Schallert
Kevin May
Megan Wiese
Jason D Rusinak
Bruce & Jacki Thompson
Sue Frost
Annette McBeth
Dan & Lizz Johnson 
Thank you all so much for supporting this project and helping make it a reality! We cannot even explain our gratitude, it truly is incredible. Thank you!